please help me to fix this problem as soon as possible
thanks a lot

2018-01-23 16:10 GMT+01:00 Mefteh Safa <>:
I want to use boost c++ libraries on windows platform with CLion via cmakelists. I've followed these steps:
1- download 
2- navigate to C:\Program Files\boost_1_66_0\tools\build and Run bootstrap.bat gcc
3- Run b2 install --prefix="C:\Program Files\boost-build"
4- C:\Program Files\boost-build\bin to Windows PATH.
5- restart my computer
6- open cmd, then navigate to C:\Program Files\boost_1_66_0
7- Run b2 --build-dir="C:\Program Files\boost_1_66_0\build" --prefix="C:\Program Files\boost" --toolset=gcc install

here you find the output file containing include directories and libraries:
8- here the cmakelists.txt file for the configuration of boost.
but the cmake still show me this problem
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