On 6 July 2018 at 17:00, Paul A. Bristow via Boost-users <boost-users@lists.boost.org> wrote:
Yes please - doesn't work for me at present - doesn't make any .a library files.

Works for me using Codeblocks on Windows  to generate the library *.a files

You write firstly "it works" and the next sentence "it doesn't work", if you expect someone to help you, you'd have to clarify. If "it works" in CB, surely you must be able to write a batch (or bash) file that does what CB does.

Where does CodeBlocks (last time I looked it was an IDE) come into the picture? Surely you're using b2/bjam.

There's also this article : tl;dr VS works fine with MinGW (just do like I show you).

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