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> It looks like HTTP response headers are saved with trailing CRLF in the
> message upon receiption after (async_)read.

Yes, beast::http::basic_fields stores each field/value pair in its
serialized format, which includes the trailing CRLF and also the colon
and space. It is done this way so that beast::http::serializer
requires no memory allocations to perform its function.

> Since it usually does not add additional valuable information, would it
> be possible to remove them in next version of Boost.Beast?


> It will be more convenient as you don't need to trim them when you want
> to capture the field value.

You shouldn't have to do any trimming. basic_fields member functions
and iterator value_type which return field values do so using a
string_view, whose length excludes the trailing CRLF and also any
colon and space. Callers should not assume the string is
null-terminated, and work with the interface provided by string_view.



Out of interest, why do these functions return a const string_view?

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