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Behid the question was my, obviously incorrect, assumption that olde visual studio versions, from times when c++20 was not yet conceived and epoch thus not set to Jan 1 AD 1970, are using some different epoch - as Microsoft frequently did, like Jan 1 AD 1 (.NET),  Jan 1 AD 1601 (NTFS),

MS just implements the standard [in this case] and for timings within Windows (i..e. Windows.h), they have the FILETIME API, " Jan 1 AD 1 (.NET),  Jan 1 AD 1601 (NTFS)", etc (possibly because they realized the world was not created in 1970, but heck who knows).

Jan 1 AD 1980 (DOS, FAT family of file systems). So seeing Microsoft embracing a standard thing like posix epoch without screaming and kicking is a nice surprise.

Well at the time of DOS, there was no std, so one could forgive them (on this occasion) to not implement it correctly.

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