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The release candidates for the first 1.70.0 beta release are now available at:

The release notes are not yet available.

The SHA256 checksums are as follows:

a7c570d6307d05dc8d45a3b4c69a0afdcba2b22eac0c4da4d496559f53db7b89  ./boost_1_70_0_b1_rc1.7z
4b91b9a203cf12f6001cf39de83c7cc005fbc5390e2b4b2fc29ce7b19c0537a7  ./boost_1_70_0_b1_rc1.tar.bz2
460dd6499bba9df04c6bfa219b26097bad803b8758304ba45f2fc291aa42c96e  ./boost_1_70_0_b1_rc1.tar.gz
f209c9a086ed2c7882a0bc8755792f436eb141eaeb8c823ed57295ca9ce25b93  ./boost_1_70_0_b1_rc1.zip

As always, the release managers would appreciate it if you download
the candidate of your choice and give building it a try. Please report
both success and failure, and anything else that is noteworthy.

I'm having a problem with B2 in this release.

For many releases now, I have run a command such as:
b2 -j16 --build-type=complete toolset=msvc-10.0 address-model=64 architecture=x86 --prefix="./" --libdir=lib32-msvc-10.0 --includedir=temp_inc install

to get the windows builds of each toolset. For the install, I set the prefix as the current directory, so that I'll get a lib{arch}-msvc-{ver} directory for each toolset in there. However, with this 1.70 release, it seems to ignore my prefix and put the headers in libs/headers/build/temp_inc/boost-1_70/boost, instead of temp_inc/boost-1_70/boost. For the libraries, it scattered them throughout the build in directories such as libs/coroutine/build/lib32-msvc-10.0/. 

Any thoughts on what might be causing this? Am I using the --prefix --libdir and --inlcudedir correctly? Or at least not badly enough to warrant this?

Also, even though I have BZIP2_SOURCE and ZLIB_SOURCE set, I'm not seeing the appropriate bzip2 and zlib libraries being generated.

After updating my scripts to us "staging" instead of "install" to avoid the above issue, I was able to get everything else to build successfully for Visual Studio (msvc-10.0 through msvc-14.1, note this is the first release I haven't built against msvc-8.0 and 9.0). The only exception being the lack of bzip2 and zlib support mentioned above. 

toolset     arch    compile Link    Execute
msvc-10.0   32      X       X       X
msvc-10.0   64      X       X       X
msvc-11.0   32      X       X       X
msvc-11.0   64      X       X       X
msvc-12.0   32      X       X       X
msvc-12.0   64      X       X       X
msvc-14.0   32      X       X       X
msvc-14.0   64      X       X       X
msvc-14.1   32      X       X       X
msvc-14.1   64      X       X       X

Compile means that the b2 command completed without errors
Link means that visual studio was able to link a sample executable to a library (libboost_thread-vcXXX-mt[-gd]-1_XX.lib) generated
Execute means that the linked program executed without errors.

Full build logs can be found at https://gist.github.com/teeks99/0aeed77c9251ba02090d9ab7372e2c73