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AFAIR boost.log does not depend on boost.asio at all. 

It appears it does: 

With respect, the linked question seems to be about a crash when combining boost.log and boost.asio with each from different versions of boost . This is unsurprising since both libraries will depend on boost.core.

I am very sure that boost.log has no direct dependency on boost.asio. I use these libraries a lot.



boost.asio optionally depends on OpenSSL if you use the ssl stream or context types, and not otherwise.

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Hello, I am using Boost Log but not using any of the ASIO related functionality (that I know of).  It seems that Boost ASIO depends on OpenSSL which is giving me some problems.  Is there any way to either:

* use Boost Log without ASIO
* use Boost ASIO without OpenSSL

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