Looks good building (Visual Studio 10-14.1) with `--prefix=..... install`, I get bzip2 and zlib binaries. I still don't get the bzip2 and zlib binaries when using `stage`.

toolset     arch    compile Link    Execute
msvc-10.0   32      X       X       X
msvc-10.0   64      X       X       X
msvc-11.0   32      X       X       X
msvc-11.0   64      X       X       X
msvc-12.0   32      X       X       X
msvc-12.0   64      X       X       X
msvc-14.0   32      X       X       X
msvc-14.0   64      X       X       X
msvc-14.1   32      X       X       X
msvc-14.1   64      X       X       X

Compile means that the b2 command completed without errors
Link means that visual studio was able to link a sample executable to a library (libboost_thread-vcXXX-mt[-gd]-1_XX.lib) generated
Execute means that the linked program executed without errors.

Full build logs are at:


On Mon, Mar 11, 2019 at 12:40 PM Marshall Clow via Boost-users <boost-users@lists.boost.org> wrote:
A new release candidates for the first 1.70.0 beta release are now available at:

Changes since RC2:
* Relative paths for --prefix, --libdir, etc. are now bound relative
to the current working directory, instead of being relative to the Jamfile. Thanks to Tom Kent for the report, and Steven and Peter for the fixes.

Changes since RC1:
* The Jamfile for Boost.Predef has been updated to allow running the tests from /status. Thanks to mike.dev@gmx.de for the report, and to Rene for the fix.

The release notes are not yet available.

The SHA256 checksums are as follows:

dbf89645e509acb2e53eac3c633834f1dec80bd8622e6e652a9741dcf0807f17  ./boost_1_70_0_b1_rc3.7z
957b984b58656a3ec00661ecad7ef82e3a094bad36e37b9e6624843237854679  ./boost_1_70_0_b1_rc3.tar.bz2
76d149c1fb9e8a5ceb3bc1e5587edc40fa79a43e8b990d877c2210f0382b9421  ./boost_1_70_0_b1_rc3.tar.gz
71e990b2c26880521fd98459b184ee172ce1c46dcf554b6eaab7776b8b6369a6  ./boost_1_70_0_b1_rc3.zip

As always, the release managers would appreciate it if you download
the candidate of your choice and give building it a try. Please report
both success and failure, and anything else that is noteworthy.

-- The Boost Release Managers

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