> Nothing stops you or anyone else from supplying that missing code. 

?! As I explained in the previous mail, (lack of) TIME stops me. I'm an "ordinary programmer" who *needs* networking/serial/async, but I don't need ridiculously high performance, am not networking expert and have no desire to become one. I have even less desire to spend 5X or more time developing software that will have unnecessarily high performance (!) compared to 1X development effort for "satisfactory performance" (i.e., "it works for the use case"). And I believe that I'm not alone there.

> That's not how I read the OP's point. He seemed to me to be pointing out that .NET APIs provide a stupid-simple API on top of lots of complexity which itself sits on top of the Win32 winsock API.

That's the correct interpretation.

> Networking ought to be some stupid-simple coroutinised Ranges i/o API on the top. []


-- Stian