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> Of any individual C++ library author today, my guess is that Eric would have the best chance of attracting a large user base for his personal GitHub, but I would still consider that exposure as below the bar of what I’d like to see for a library that we are going to put into the standard (given that, once in, we’ll never be able to drop support or modify the ABI).

It appears that, depending on whom you know, it might be easier to get a library in the C++ standard compared to getting it into Boost.

I have heard this and I’m afraid that it might be true.

This speaks volumes, if not about the quality of the libraries being standardized, at least about the different mindset of the people involved.

Agreed. I think there is a great deal of unfounded arrogance in people that think that we can design an API that we’ll be pleased to live with forever sans extensive implementation experience.

> I know that getting a library into Boost is no small task (Niall may know that better than anyone on the planet), but if it is worth putting in std then it is worth putting in Boost first.

It appears that he has learned his lesson and won't repeat that mistake. :)

I hope not. This is a “mistake” that bears repeating.