On Sun, Mar 17, 2019 at 1:43 AM Niall Douglas via Boost-users <boost-users@lists.boost.org> wrote:
> >> It appears that, depending on whom you know, it might be easier to get
> >> a library in the C++ standard compared to getting it into Boost.
> >
> > I have heard this and I’m afraid that it might be true.
> I'd say Chris right now would probably disagree. Beman probably would
> disagree, Filesystem took far longer at WG21 than anyone reasonable
> would have expected, and that's after it had gone through the Boost
> process multiple times. Beman told me it took him between twenty and
> twenty-five years of effort, depending on how you counted it. He wasn't
> sure if he would do it again, if he could have travelled back in time to
> tell his younger self.

Of course WG21 could have simply accepted the library after it went through years of development and reviews, rather than trying to "fix" it. This is precisely why WG21 should not be involved in innovation and design, because then acceptance becomes a matter of opinion and politics, rather than a simple acknowledgement of an interface that is already successful.

> I'd echo Eric's sentiments on this completely. I don't have it in me to
> ever get a fundamentals library into Boost again. Besides, I'd likely
> end up getting divorced and my children no longer speaking to me. It's
> not worth it, personally speaking.

You leave out the other possibility, to leave the library out of the standard, where most libraries, including good libraries, belong.