Hi everyone !
How to keep a pointer on a shared data in a boost shared memory segment ? I have a function which returns shm.construct<SharedData>(_nameSeg.c_str())(innerDataAllocator); But outside of the function, the object pointed by SharedData is inaccessible
My general problem is that I want to have way to get, and set data in shared memory, but without, each time, having to :
-get shm
-find object in shm based on its name
-construct allocators.
So I would like to store 1) allocators and 2)a pointer to the shared object
How could I do this ?
I made a SO question about my problem, can you have a look ? It should be clearer :) https://stackoverflow.com/questions/55195149/how-to-keep-a-pointer-on-a-shared-data-in-a-boost-shared-memory-segment