Hello Boost-Mailing-List,


I have a question about the boost interprocess library - and I hope I can explain it correctly.


I looked at the "Quick guide for the impatient" about the interprocess library - but I'm not sure if I can use this for our purpose.

The main goal is to insert a STL vector (or different container) in a predefined portion of an already existing shared memory. The main problem is, that we cannot use the managed_shared_memory code from boost, because we rely on a different API to allocate the shared memory between Windows and other devices. Also the container should be placed at a fixed offset inside the created shared memory.


I'm a complete newbie with boost and the interprocess library, that is why I'm not sure which interface I have to provide for the interprocess vector to be setup correctly. I hoped I could do something like:


new (srh_mem_base + offset) boost::interprocess::vector<allocator>;


I tried looking into the headers of the library to get an idea of that, but I honestly got lost.


I'm really sorry if this a stupid or obvious question - and I thank for any help in advance!


Kind greetings


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