>> Hi,

>> I'm trying to use Boost in order to find values of a 2F3
>> hypergeometric function. Just to check that I am using the package the
>> correct way, I tried to compile the small test file below (using the
>> example from the pFq docs), with the command
>> $ g++ -o test.exe test.cpp -I /home/peder/boost/boost_1_79_0
>> As far as I understand, the library is header-only, so I didn't expect
>> the compilation error below. I don't where I've made a mistake, and
>> I'd greatly appreciate any help with figuring out the error.

> Yup, it's a bug and you shouldn't have to do this, but adding #include
> <boost/math/special_functons/gamma.hpp> to your program is a temporary
> workaround until we fix this.

Thanks to both you and Matt for checking out bug, the workaround fixes the problem.
Best regards, Peder