На нд, 21.08.2022 г. в 7:39 ч. xiongzhiyong via Boost-users <boost-users@lists.boost.org> написа:
>I can't reproduce this with msvc versions available on godbolt:
 Exactly on godbolt,the compilers work well. I test this by myself.
Once again, I change to the Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2019
ver. 16.11.18. And compile the program ,the error still exist.

>Can you provide a complete error log, including source file and line of the


soruce file:info.hpp
source code line no:145
soruce code:error_info_container_impl * c=new error_info_container_impl;
error log:
C2259    “boost::exception_detail::error_info_container_impl”: cannot instantiate abstract class, test_boost    D:\boost_1_79_0\boost\exception\info.hpp    145   

Can you write a simple program that demonstrates the problem on godbolt.org? Looking at the source code, I don't understand why the error_info_container class would be abstract.