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Subject: [ggl] Const-correctness of intersection_result::get_connection_type()
From: Barend Gehrels (barend.gehrels)
Date: 2009-04-13 17:03:55

Hi Mateusz,
> Hi,
> Just for records, as it may be important.
> I have re-declared get_connection_type() - member of
> intersection_result type - with const qualifier,
> so the previous prototype:
> inline connection_type get_connection_type()
> has been changed to read:
> inline connection_type get_connection_type() const
> Committed in revision 547.
> I hope it's OK.

It is OK, sure, but... I think I mailed you before that I'm busy
revising the intersections. The file intersection_segment.hpp will be
replaced completely with the file intersection_policies.hpp from
strategies (which is not completely finished yet, it will be splitted
and one policy will be added).

The idea is as following: for many operations (e.g. touch) it is
necessary to know IF two segments intersect, and often HOW they
intersect, but it is often not necessary to know the intersection
point(s). The new approach is already used in e.g. de9im_segment.cpp and
ogc_relationships.cpp in the geometry/dev, although unfinished. I will
check them tomorrow such that they compile using gcc (they already
should using MSVC).


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