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Subject: [ggl] Header inclusion guards
From: Barend Gehrels (Barend.Gehrels)
Date: 2009-04-17 05:59:34

> I've applied fixes only to a few files so far, so it's not too late.
OK, good
> However, thinking of Boost'ification, I'm not sure, but we may need
> to change it again.
> Layout of Boost libraries is as follows:
> - headers
> <root>/boost/<lib>/
> - translation units, tests, examples, doc
> <root>/libs/<lib>/test
> <root>/libs/<lib>/example
> <root>/libs/<lib>/doc
> <root>/libs/<lib>/...
Sure, I realized that making the last preview and creating the boost
sandbox. We should change that. This change will need to adapt all
project files and header files and maybe more. But it is necessary.
Let's plan a date for this.
> Given that, if we agree to re-structure ggl, then inclusion guards will
> look exactly as you are suggesting:
> etc.
OK, so at least that is right then.
> Perhaps it seems a cosmetic, but I wouldn't be sure if it is.
> Many of Boost conventions have been already applied to GGL,
> so why not to apply Boost structure too, especially if GGL
> is going to be merged into Boost one day.
Sure. The name GGL is adapted last february, that is why all headerfiles
refer to geometry/ (in fact the name ggl was very old also but then
stood for Geodan Geographic Library)

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