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Subject: [ggl] Header inclusion guards
From: Bruno Lalande (bruno.lalande)
Date: 2009-04-20 09:59:18

> I may take a look at GTL for inspiration, but unless
> there is a plan to 'steal' some of its concepts
> or merging, I'm not going to invest substantial amount of time in
> researching this project.

There's actually a project of merging. I have initiated it recently on
the Boost list. The idea would be to take the core concepts of both
libraries and extract one common core from them, and to have the
remaining (algorithms, geometries, concepts models) using this common
core. The remaining would thus be kept separated at first, and the
common core could be proposed to Boost. Then the remaining could be
integrated, as extensions.

This common core would be some sort of "library of concepts", with
mechanisms to easily add new geometry types and integrate them in the
existing ones. For example, it has to be possible to add a "triangle"
type that takes advantage of all the algorithms existing on "polygon"
and specializes some of them. The first decision we'll have to do will
be to choose between tag dispatching and SFINAE for the distribution
of algorithms overloads among geometry types.

Though I didn't have much time to dig this since my proposal, I still
have the intention to do it. People on the list and authors of both
libraries were interested by the idea.


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