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Subject: [ggl] what is an algorithm
From: Bruno Lalande (bruno.lalande)
Date: 2009-04-27 04:53:43


> I've thought about that also but the Boost folks are not that interested in
> OGC. They just want geometry and things handling geometry. Creating an OGC
> distinction is for GIS users maybe natural and handy, but other users (who
> still want e.g. "distance") will look very strange at that. Besides that
> many non-OGC things (as simplify) are great for GIS users as well.
> So I'm currently still favouring creating one folder. Bruno?

Yep, that's my opinion too. An OGC compliant classification would help
OGC users but would confuse non-OGC users. As long as there's no
obvious way to classify algorithms, I prefer to have them all in one
list. The list will be long but at least, easy to search.


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