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Subject: [ggl] Naming template parameters
From: Barend Gehrels (barend)
Date: 2009-05-03 11:38:19

>I've applied some refactoring to ggl/geometries/* and for instance, for
>polygon class, I decided to use _type postifx for typedef declarations.
>I'm not sure about it, however.

>I thought it makes sense to distinct class name of alias name,
>especially name of public alias. Also, std library uses _type
>postfix for aliases exposed as public interface of a class.

>For example, I changed "B" alias this way: [snipped]

OK for me. Now that "B" is to go there has to be a new convention. I used
"box" in a few cases but agree that "box_type" sounds better.

Often these things can be made private as well, it are most of the time
shortcuts for templated longer names.

MPL has strict rules as "type", "value" and "apply", there are also other
conventions as "value_type", so these must stay as they are.

Regards, Barend

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