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Subject: [ggl] Projections: Patch to get access to parameters
From: Chris Browet (cbro)
Date: 2009-06-17 04:42:19


I have a patch that adds a "params()" function to the projection class, to
return the projection parameters.

- I need access to the parameters for the pj_transform
- I need access to the "is_latlong" member of the parameters.
- It makes it easier to port proj4-specific code to ggl.

The patch only touches the "base..." files, so I don't think it clashes with
the automatic generator.

- As I don't have the "parameters" template parameter in projection.hpp, it
is hardcoded.

BTW, I don't quite get the reasoning behind templatizing the "parameters"
struct... It's quite static and expected by all proj4 related functions. It
only obfuscates/complicates the code, IMHO.

Do you think I should commit this as it is?

Furthermore, I also have a pj_transform ("+towgs84" support only) but only
in "hack" state. Would you want me to try to "GGL-ize" it further, time

- Chris -
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