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Subject: [ggl] Projections: Patch to get access to parameters
From: Chris Browet (cbro)
Date: 2009-06-18 19:48:09

> > BTW, I don't quite get the reasoning behind templatizing the
> > "parameters" struct... It's quite static and expected by all
> > proj4 related functions. It only obfuscates/complicates the
> > code, IMHO.
> Hmm, it is not a template, is it?
> struct parameters : public impl::pj_const_pod
> {
> std::string name;
> std::vector<impl::pvalue> params;
> };
> or I don't understand the problem :-)
> Sorry if I was not clear. I meant that, in the projections base classes
(e.g. base_t_f in base_static.hpp), the parameter type is templatized,
while, AFAIK, there is no way to use anything else than the stock parameter
struct (or, at least, it doesn't make any sense).

- Chris -
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