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Subject: [ggl] intersection_segment...
From: Barend Gehrels (Barend.Gehrels)
Date: 2009-06-25 10:49:46

Hi Chris,

Sorry for the inconvenience. It was very old.

It will be replaced by a generic segment/segment intersection,
delivering one or two points.

This functionis there already but as a strategy (because it is different
in Cartesian than in Spherical systems). In this strategy is specified
what you want (intersection points, or just how they intersect). It is
internal, so more complicated. You might call this directly using

#include <ggl/strategies/cartesian/cart_intersect.hpp>
#include <ggl/strategies/intersection_result.hpp>

#include <ggl/policies/relate/intersection_points.hpp>

    ggl::segment_intersection_points<P> is
        = ggl::strategy::intersection::relate_cartesian_segments
>::relate(segment_type(p1,p2), segment_type(p3,p4));

But maybe it is better to wait for half a day, I'll try make a wrapper soon.

The generic linestring/linestring would be an option but also not yet there.

Regards, Barend

Chris Browet wrote:
> ... seem to have disappeared in latest SVN.
> As I understand the intersection algorithm is now generic, should it
> be replaced by a linestring/linestring intersection?
> - Chris -
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