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Subject: [ggl] Clipping (i.e. intersection) issues, still.
From: Barend Gehrels (Barend.Gehrels)
Date: 2009-07-06 07:24:23

Hi Chris,

> Solution 1) is perfectly ok for me even as a long-term solution. Due
> to the relative complexity for me of making custom polygons, I'm
> already making a copy, and, as a matter of fact, was "correct"-ing at
> some point, but removed it because I had in my mind "correct" only
> checked that the polygon is closed (and was unaware of the
> "clockwiseness" importance while intersecting).
OK, perfect

> I would suggest emphasizing this topic in the documentation for
> preview 5, including detailing a bit what the "correct" function does.
Good point, we'll do that.

Regards, Barend

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