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Subject: [ggl] Within polygon detection including the polygon borders
From: Ivan Marin (ispmarin)
Date: 2009-10-11 17:52:38

Hi Barend,

2009/10/10 Barend Gehrels <Barend.Gehrels_at_[hidden]>

> Hi Ivan,
> I still wanted to come back to this:
>> Just for my interest, are you going to use it for a project or product? Or
>> just evaluating it? Just interested?
> I'm using now for my PhD thesis project, including it in a groundwater
> simulation. As soon I have a little more time I will take a better look in
> the code itself.
Sorry for the delayed response, I had to work with another project and was
not able to discuss it better.

> That is interesting, if you're really using it now, could it be added to
> the 'Who Uses GGL' section on the Wiki Trac? Soon we will go for review and
> it would be nice if this list has some completeness.

That would be very interesting. I should be able to work again with GGL this
week, and soon I will be asking again in the list ;-). I have incorporated
GGL in my code, I will be doing an evaluation to see if it's interesting to
change all position coordinates in my code to GGL.

My thesis theme is basically about groundwater simulation in fractures,
using a method called Analytical Element Method. I'm using GGL now to
describe a specific element in this simulation, called line dipole, that
connects several of them in a closed polygon. In the end, I have to check
which points are inside or outside of a certain polygon, to use the correct
hydraulic conductivity.

> This question is also for others using GGL, this mailing list currently has
> 27 members...

After going back to work I will be able to contribute better.

Kind regards,


> Thanks, Barend
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