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Subject: [ggl] Polygon, points and accessing elements
From: Ivan Marin (ispmarin)
Date: 2009-10-22 11:48:29

Hello list,

I'm using now the polygon template to construct several polygons on a
groundware simulation. But I need to, given one point, access the previous
and the nex point, for each point in the polygon. Is that possible? Also, it
seems that ggl is getting a lot of changes now. Could basic structures, like
point_2d, polygon_2d and the access methods change?

I would consider changing all the coordinates and geometric elements in my
simulation to ggl if it's possible to access the coordinates in the polygon.

Thanks again

Ivan Marin

Laborat?rio de Hidr?ulica Computacional - LHC
Departamento de Hidr?ulica e Saneamento - SHS
Escola de Engenharia de S?o Carlos - EESC
Universidade de S?o Paulo - USP
+55 16 3373 8270
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