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Subject: [ggl] library benchmarks in benchmarks
From: Barend Gehrels (Barend.Gehrels)
Date: 2010-01-07 08:40:54


We have developed benchmarks to test performance (and functionality) of
(Open Source) GIS / Geometry libraries.

Originally the tests were created to compare our library (GGL, recently
accepted by Boost and renamed to Boost.Geometry) to other libraries,
with respect to performance and functionality.

However, the test suite is broader than that because it can also be used
to compare for example GEOS and CGAL. Therefore we propose to move it to
the SVN
<>, it seems to fit there

It currently compares C++ libraries (geos, cgal, gpc, wykobi, gtl,
terralib, ggl) and a Java library (jts), for the functions area,
centroid, convex hull, intersection, clip (=intersection with
rectangle), simplify, within. But this can be extended.

There is also a specific test, "starcomb", for more 'challenging'
intersections (done with a selection of the mentioned libraries only),
and "triangle" (intersecting polygons with 1000ths of triangular holes)

I like to hear opinions if this is found a good idea, and if there are
possibly people interested in extending tests, performing tests and/or

Regards, Barend Gehrels

P.S. The testsuite is discussed on the geos-devel list before so I
include this in the cc, apologies for cross postings.

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