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Subject: [ggl] SVN moved to Boost.Sandbox
From: Barend Gehrels (Barend.Gehrels)
Date: 2010-02-21 05:06:21


As announced yesterday, the SVN archive is copied from svn_at_geodan to
svn_at_boost. There is anonymous SVN access.

There are two versions:
1) stable version 0.6,
2) trunk version,

The first one is a tagged version and will not be updated. The second
one is the development version and might therefore cause
inconsistencies, though we of course try to avoid that.

All sources are copied in both versions (so also extensions), but there
are some minor changes:
1) the "selected", "intermediate" and "remove_hole_if" algorithms were
not part of the review and are moved to extensions/algorithms. If you
use them, include the headerfile. Of this, "intermediate" is renamed to
2) the sources for benchmark comparisons are not in that trunk and will
be moved to a separate SVN hosted at osgeo
3) the "svg_mapper", formerly part of the unit tests, is actually quite
convenient in many cases and is moved to extensions/io/svg. The
07_graph_example shows how to use it, the essension is: declare it, call
"add" with geometry(s) to define the extent, call "map' to map them
providing SVG-style strings.

Doxygen documentation (which is NOT updated because will be changed into
QuickBook) can be read here:
It is also still at the geodan website
(where the download information is updated manually)

For those having an account at the svn_at_geodan, that account is not
necessary anymore.

The osgeo wiki stays where it is.

Regards, Barend

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