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Subject: [ggl] Re: Finding intersection points of a ray and polygon?
From: Barend Gehrels (Barend.Gehrels)
Date: 2010-02-23 13:03:10

Hi Elvis,

> Yes, I realized this after doing some research. It's however, given
> the simple nature of my project, not a catastrophy as it would be OK
> with me to work with "rays" of finite length. That is, line strings.
OK, perfect

> Alright. As I'm pretty short on time and new to Boost and generic
> programming in general (coming from a background of mostly Qt
> programming, which is not so template intensive), I'm not sure
> contributing this function to Boost.Geometry is something that I'll
> have time to contribute, at least not within the constraints of my
> project. Or did you mean it would be an easy addition for you
> developers?
Yes, I meant that it is easy for me :-)
However, at this very moment I can't do it...

See also your other mail, segment/polygon or linestring/polygon are not
yet supported and I realize that though it is easy, it is not that easy
for if you've not the experience...

>>> best you can get (with Boost.Geometry).
> Okay. Until now I've just experimented some with a checkout of 0.6.0.
> I guess I should get on trunk because grepping the sources i could not
> find get_turn_points(), only self_get_turn_points(). I'll download the
> trunk version.
Eehm, yet it should be there.

> But what does it mean that it's in "coded" form? Is this information
> available to me right now (except that get_turn_points() would need to
> be extended to do line-polygon intersection). And what information
> will this give me if Boost.Geometry have no concept of rays? What is
> the "direction" of a line (segment)?
Will explain the coded form later.

> Yes I've come to realize that the library is in a bit of a flux. What
> I really miss though is documentation of all the member functions of
> the library. Very few of them are documented, sometimes not even their
> arguments, which makes it a bit hard for a newcomer like me to get up
> to speed with the library quickly.
> When will the incorporation into Boost take place? Will there be any
> added documentation when that happens?
Hopefully 1.43 or 1.44 (this spring or else summer)
Yes, there will be more documentation, it is currently being

Regards, Barend

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