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Subject: [ggl] maps-charts-graphs
From: fausto (f4ust0f)
Date: 2010-03-25 09:56:55

Hi Barend, thanks for your prompt reply.

If I want to verify how easy is to use boost.geometry to achieve such a
mapping between a key (e.g. country name) and an object that represents a
geometry (e.g. country bounderies or a cube) with certain attributes
(position in a 3d coordinate system, polylines, size, color, etc) which
sample or classes would you suggest I should check?

For ex. we would like to have the world map defined as a table where each
row represents a country. By parsing this table, I should be able to render
the world map with any rendering engine. Therefore the table needs to store
for each country, its polylines, its global position, etc.

An example that shows me how I can get the attributes of a country (for ex.
the list of the polylines vertices) would be really helpful.

Thanks again,

On Wed, Mar 24, 2010 at 2:24 PM, Barend Gehrels <Barend.Gehrels_at_[hidden]>wrote:

> hi Fausto,
> Welcome to the list.
> we are using boost for graphs and its property_map implementation, and we
>> are trying to integrate maps and charts to our library.
>> Do you think it would be possible to use ggl as a base library to merge
>> the three domains graphs, maps and charts?
> Yes, I think it is possible.
> Is there any usage of the boost property_map concepts inside ggl?
> No, they are completely independant and so is Boost.Graph from
> Boost.Geometry. However, geometry can work together with graph as in an
> example is shown.
> Boost.Geometry does not define any attribute. You can define them yourself
> by creating your own geometries. They can have attributes in a std::map,
> property_map (must be possible, didn't try it until now) or another
> technique you want. If you register those geometries, Boost.geometry works.
> If not, do you think that it's easy to integrate it, for example to have
>> the list of GIS geometries (for ex. countries) produced with ggl mapped
>> inside a property_map?
> I don't know the property_map details, though I did work with Boost.Graph.
> So I cannot answer this now, maybe someone else from this list.
> From std::map point of view, you can have:
> a map with geometries, e.g. std::map<string, geometry> (e.g. country-name,
> country-border) with countries (as you propose for property map)
> a geometry with maps (each geometry having a std::map<string, any> with
> propertyname/property value
> Regards, Barend
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