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Subject: [ggl] user controllable numeric conversion.
From: Barend Gehrels (barend.gehrels)
Date: 2010-05-04 11:55:08


> What about use macro to switch between numeric_cast and implicit
> conversion?
> for example:
> # define NUMERIC_CAST(TargetType, Source) Source
> #else
> # define NUMERIC_CAST(TargetType, Source)
> ::boost::numeric_cast<TargetType>(Source)
> #endif
> then, in the code:
> t = NUMERIC_CAST((target type here), (Source value here));
> Using numeric_cast as default can make the complier output neat and
> tidy. It should also work smoothly for common use.
> User can define USE_IMPLICIT_CONVERSION when they don't want
> numeric_cast.

Besides that I don't like macro's, this might be useful to enable both

>> We have also the "convert" algorithm, going from e.g. ring to
>> polygon, or vice versa (loosing internal rings), which is also
>> suitable to convert numeric types.
> Well, from the doc, "transform" is for point-based transformation,
> while "convert" is for conversion between different geometries. So I
> think it is more suitable to put such numeric conversion in the
> transform part.
- Actually transform is not only point-based, but might also add points
in between (for linestrings from earth to globe, or vice versa).
- I'm sorry the doc is out of date there. From the source: "// Same
geometry type -> copy coordinates from G1 to G2"

So yes, I think convert is useful to convert geometries, either same
type (but different underlying point type, or different coordinate type)
or different types

Regards, Barend

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