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Subject: [ggl] Surprising ADL
From: Barend Gehrels (barend.gehrels)
Date: 2010-05-05 09:29:26

hi ZhouShuangJiang ,

> The following code won't compile on msvc8/9, and both of the
> compliers give the same diagnostic output for "ambiguous call to
> overloaded function" and "one of the overloads is found by ADL".

This is indeed unexpected.

> I think that's mainly because of the unqualified call inside
> boost::geometry::transform().

That will probably be the case and if so, solved easily (though this
construction is of course everywhere).

We can solve it when adding namespaces (algorithm, model) everywhere, as
was planned some months ago. Do you need it be solved immediately?

Thanks, Barend

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