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Subject: [ggl] space partitioning
From: Mateusz Loskot (mateusz)
Date: 2010-09-10 18:44:07

On 17/08/10 18:13, Simonson, Lucanus J wrote:
> Adam Wulkiewicz wrote:
>> I'd rather use 1a and 2b (2e eventually but it's more
>> complicated). Although, this means that there would be e.g. vector
>> of nodes containing 1-element lists of vectors. What do you think?
> If we provide an iterator semantic for the interface of the tree it
> is very important to decide if the iterators are invalidated by
> operations that modify the tree (like push_back on a vector
> invalidates iterators) or not (like insert in a map does not
> invalidate iterators.) Using vectors in the leaves implies that
> iterators to the vector elements cannot be used in data structures
> returned by our interface if we are to avoid invalidating them.

push_back invalidates vector iterator only if reallocation occurs.
If reallocation doesn't occur, only end() iterator is affected.
(doubtfully) Perhaps, it would be feasible to use the advantage of these

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