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Subject: [ggl] RE: A few Boost.Geometry questions
From: Bill Zissimopoulos (ggl)
Date: 2010-10-02 16:00:04

>> How do we access the z-coordinate information in
>> "template <> struct access<Point, 2>"?
> Sorry for the late reply... I've thought about that and it seems that
> there's no simple solution. I think you will basically have to create
> an iterator type (the type returned by range functions like begin(),
> end()) that holds a reference to your GeometryPath. Then create a
> proxy of point that this iterator will return when dereferenced (so in
> its operator*()), instead of returning an actual point.

Understood. Unfortunately this seems to negate what I consider to be one of the major benefits of using Boost.Geometry: that it does not seem to impose unnecessary copying of geometry data between my data structures and those required for boolean set operations.

My currently favored solution is to perform 3D Point operations outside Boost.Geometry. However as you can probably see in the other thread that I started I am having some other issues.


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