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Subject: [ggl] namespace model::
From: Barend Gehrels (barend.gehrels)
Date: 2010-12-02 13:18:42

hi Bruno, Luke, Mateusz,

Thanks for your answers.

> point_2d => 2d::point
> point_xy => 2d::point_xy

Very good. Done.

> Why should we force ourselves to create polygon_xy and so on just
because the 2d namespace contains all those.

Sure, I agree with you all; just a typedef is not enough; the user can
do it, if he wants to do that.

So we can obsolete the whole _2d geometries now (not yet done). Because
they are just typedefs.

So we only keep classes adding things extra (e.g. .x() or .lat() methods)

> (...) Why not simply have a template class ll::point that lets the
user define the unit to use as template parameter?
> Does my approach make sense?

Yes, certainly. Much better. I followed it exactly.

So it is now like:

This is looking much better than the _deg suffix.

Regards, Barend

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