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Subject: [ggl] where are we now?
From: Barend Gehrels (barend.gehrels)
Date: 2010-12-20 06:26:48

Hi Zsj,

> What is planned to be added/changed/rewrote before into boost release?
> How long will it take?

Good questions.

I currently don't update status.xls, and the roadmap is also a while
ago. Sorry for this.

Anyway, I announced about a month ago the change about the namespaces
and there were several discussions after this, partly why it takes
somewhat longer (I updated other things as well).

Let's summarize it now:
We will keep the model namespace as most people were convinced about
that, even if we loose ADL.
We will not have the algorithm namespace there because the planned sub
namespaces will give too much discussion, overlap and confusion.
We will have the ext namespace for extensions.
The rest will stay as it is (dispatch, traits, detail, etc)
I have removed the typedefs from the library code (as polygon_2d)
because users can do this themselves.

In the transition to algorithm namespace I wanted to make some minor but
breaking changes in the parameters. That has not yet been done. But it
will probably not affect your code.

Finally, the branch 1.46 closes today for new libraries so this is not
possible. But I now think that 1.47 should really be possible. So the
roadmap is:
- change some (a few) parameter orders to make them consistent (dec 2010)
- go to boost/trunk instead of boost/sandbox (let's say: 29 dec 2010)
- merge to boost/release (will be somewhere in March 2011)

I hope to update the roadmap tonight. Thanks for your attention on it.

Regards, Barend

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