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Subject: [ggl] does geographic corrodinate system account for the altitude changed caused by change in lat/long?
From: dsollen (drew.sollenberger)
Date: 2011-02-21 11:58:12

I'm working on a project which has to maintain data about platforms in the
air. However, due to the non-spherical nature of the earth altitude can be
complicated to calculate in this situation. The curve of the earth will
cause the altitude of a moving platform to appear different as it travels to
a different latitude/longitude.

I'm wondering if we translate from a 3 dimensional Cartesian system to a
geographic system will we be able to calculate altitude, and if so will the
altitude account for the curve of the earth and the effect it can have on

And if the current coordinate system doesn't do this, can anyone suggest an
easy way to get boost. geographic to do this in an efficient manner
( efficient as possible. From what I understand it's mathematically
intensive calculation).


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