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Subject: [ggl] spacial index construction interface
From: Bruno Lalande (bruno.lalande)
Date: 2011-03-02 11:50:50


> I thought about traits approach too. The reason why I've decided to use
> some object passed to rtree (I've called it translator) is that if someone
> wants to store values of the same type in two spacial indexes but interpret
> it differently then traits should have some additional tag. In addition,
> someone may store values which don't contain data needed by the spacial
> index.
> E.g. someone have two containers one with boxes, second with points and he
> can store just indexes of boxes in one spacial index and indexes of points
> in the second one. He must pass the reference to the container somehow and
> can do it in the translator.

Yep that's the kind of situation I had thought about too, and that's
probably what justifies most the use of the translator. I might have a
slightly different way to do that (although very close) but I still have to
think about that further, and check your source code to figure out how
feasible it is.

BTW, have you considered including boost::ref in the possible things the
default translator can handle? Some users might need that, I think.

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