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Subject: [ggl] spatial index - structure
From: Barend Gehrels (barend)
Date: 2011-05-07 15:07:45

Hi Adam,

On 7-5-2011 1:46, Adam Wulkiewicz wrote:
> Adam Wulkiewicz wrote:
>> In general,
>> they takes the same amount of memory but Boost.Variant one is slightly
>> faster.
> I forgot to mention that the test programs were compiled in VS2010.
> Surprisingly, for g++ 4.5.2 the results are different - polymorphic
> version is faster. So maby, should there be 2 structures to choose from?

Yes, I had the same experience several times, the performance varies for
different compilers and different use cases. Did you test it on the same
machine? What was the fastest option (absolute, with both compilers)?

Anyway, I would hesitate to support both options. The choice is also
dependant on other things, especially if the results vary and do not
differ too much.

Where is the code, still in the branch index_080_new ?

Regards, Barend

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