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Subject: [ggl] box_range is not a valid range
From: Barend Gehrels (barend)
Date: 2011-05-10 22:50:45

Hi ZhouShuangJiang,

> Yes, I've seen the changes. The points_view/copy_policy is a good idea for things like box and segment, except the copy_policy seems to make extra copy of the box/segment while being constructed. Is it intended?

Fixed now.

Besides this I also fixed/implemented the point_order on a box_view, if
you specify Reverse it is counter clockwise, as expected. Closure might
complete it (but requires another copy-policy and an adapted approach).

> Also, now that box_view is of ring type, why it cannot be an opened ring?
> The view concept is a kinda confusing concept. It mixes the range and geometry concepts.
> I think the view concept should follow the range concept.
> As mentioned in "[ggl] transform linestring into a ring", I found two geometry wrappers very useful in many aspects. Here they are:

OK, we will think / discuss about this.

Thanks, Barend

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