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Subject: [ggl] Polyhedra Intersection in Boost.Geometry
From: Robert Wilkerson (rwilkerson)
Date: 2011-06-10 22:03:37


First, I apologize if this question has already been asked. The
archives of this mailing list don't seem to be search-able.

I'm working on a project for which I need to know if two polyhedra
intersect. I realize this is a challenging problem in general and was
hoping there was a C++ package available that at least implemented this
for square pyramids ( I
discovered Boost.Geometry and have been poking around for a few days.
However, it doesn't seem like the models and algorithms in
Boost.Geometry extend to polyhedra. Is this true? If yes, is there a
plan for implementing such functionality? If no, can someone please
point me in the right direction?

I'm hoping for a capability such as:

int main()
   boost::geometry::model::polyhedron<boost::tuple<double, double,
double> > polyhedron1;
   boost::geometry::model::polyhedron<boost::tuple<double, double,
double> > polyhedron2;

   // Fill polyhedron1.

   // Fill polyhedron2.

   bool b = boost::geometry::intersects(polyhedron1, polyhedron2);

   std::cout << "Intersects: " << (b ? "YES" : "NO") << std::endl;

   return 0;

Thanks in advance,

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