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Subject: [ggl] Adding support for Curves (and other custom geometry types)
From: Mats Taraldsvik (mats.taraldsvik)
Date: 2011-07-14 18:04:19


I'm very interested in using Boost.Geometry in my project, as it looks like a better fit than GEOS.

In GEOS I need to extract the geometry from my internal geometry object/class, and create new geos::geom::Geometry objects, while Boost.Geometry - if I have read the docs correctly -- allows me to define my internal geometry object as Boost.Geometry compatible (with BOOST_GEOMETRY_REGISTER_*), and get all of the Boost.Geometry functionality "for free" directly against my internal geometry objects/classes, thus eliminating the additional object I have to create with GEOS. Is this correct?

In addition to the existing Geometry models in Boost.Geometry, I need support for Curves (CIRCULARSTRINGs in PostGIS [1]), which are basically a start, end and middle point (PostGIS takes care of calculating the actual arc).
At the moment, I only need support for writing the Curve to EWKT (a PostGIS extension to WKT. Currently, EWKT is a superset of WKT.). Could you give me pointers on how to achieve this (i.e. defining a Curve Geometry model, and extending the io.wkt module to add some EWKT features)?

Mats Taraldsvik


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