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Subject: [ggl] map overlay of planar subdivisions
From: ant (faorg-lists)
Date: 2011-07-19 10:04:28


I would like to compute the overlay of two planar subdivisions (polygonal
meshes) such that the result is the maximal connected subset of the polygon
face intersections. Ideally it would also provide the reference information
from the new polygons to the containing faces from the originating

This looks like similar functionality to Boost.Geometry's union_: return all
constituent sub-polygons rather than just the outlined union. Could you
tell me if detail::overlay as called by union_ is intended for public use
since I can't find documentation for it, and provide some guidance on how to
achieve the above?

I should add that I am new to GGL and am only familiar with a small subset
of boost.


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