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Subject: [ggl] ease the creation of custom geometry type
From: feverzsj
Date: 2011-09-05 17:58:19

hi, Bruno

>> I would refrain from adding this as a library feature. As explained by
>> Barend, metafunctions are used all over the library to enable
>> non-intrusive adaptation. It's the most generic way to do. Everything is
>> possible from that, including the trick proposed here,

Yes, of course, but what I saying here is to offer another way (other than
specialize ggl's traits).
For "intrusive", while users specialize ggl's traits, they are also
intrusive to ggl;
Think about std::iterator_traits, its nothing heavy to ggl, but ease a lot.

>> so the library should really limit itself to that. This piece of code is
>> simple enough not to need to be part of the library.

regards, zsj

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