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Subject: [ggl] Using Dissolve
From: Barend Gehrels (barend)
Date: 2011-11-04 05:46:18

Hi Dominik,

Welcome to the list.

> My name is Dominik and I'm currently working on a program to convert maps
> from a CAD format to our in house map format. This is mostly working well,
> but unfortunately, the quality of data is sometimes not as good as it is
> supposed to be. Especially corners are very badly done sometimes, causing
> self intersections that make my processing chain of various union, xor and
> difference steps unusable (throwing lots of exceptions).
> As a result I hoped that the dissolve algorithm could help me with these
> glitches, but I just can't anything using it to compile properly. I hope
> that someone of you can shed some light on this.
> I'm using a boost 1.48 beta build found here:
> (seems to be from
> 2011-09-21).
> The example I'm trying to compile was found here (and as far as I can see,
> it's pretty much what is done in the unit tests):
> . I stripped it down a bit more:
> #include<boost/geometry.hpp>
> #include<boost/geometry/extensions/algorithms/dissolve.hpp>
> #include<boost/geometry/extensions/multi/algorithms/dissolve.hpp>
> #include<boost/geometry/geometries/geometries.hpp>
> #include<boost/geometry/multi/geometries/multi_polygon.hpp>
> #include<boost/geometry/extensions/gis/io/wkt/wkt.hpp>
> (...)
> Any ideas? Is there something wrong with my installation?

All extensions are not within the Boost releases, so not in Boost 1.48
beta. For extensions you have to use the Trunk (e.g. from SVN).

Having said that, the dissolve algorithm is not working perfectly (and
therefore not in release). You can try it and I hope that you get great
results with it, but it is not "guaranteed".

Regards, Barend

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