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Subject: [ggl] BOOST_GEOMETRY_REGISTER_BOX documentation issue
From: Jeff Trull (jetrull)
Date: 2011-11-11 13:47:04

Hi all,

If I understand correctly, the registration macro for custom boxes
only currently handles cases where the min/max corners are class
members, not methods. For Point adapters this is spelled out by
providing special macros with names containing GET_SET to
differentiate them from the other macros. However, it seems that such
a feature is not present for Boxes. This would not be a problem
except that the BOOST_GEOMETRY_REGISTER_BOX html documentation says
the MinCorner and MaxCorner parameters "should be public member or
method". In fact I believe they must be members, and not methods. If
I'm right about that, and because it may trip up others, I suggest
removing the "or method" clause from the documentation, and ideally

Thanks and Regards,
Jeff Trull

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