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Subject: Re: [geometry] polygons with holes
From: jeffpoly (jfw1000_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-01-31 00:54:57

Hello Barend,

Thanks for your quick response.

>OK - that is also possible. Are all your rings open? If all are, you can
>use the polygon type for that (with "true" for the open template
>parameter). If some are, that is inconvenient, you better all close them
>then (you can use geometry::correct for that, which works on a ring,
>will close it and will turn it in clockwise order).

>Another possible problem: do your rings (the boundaries) intersect each
>other? If yes you cannot build a correct (multi)polygon of it.

Some of the ring are open, and some are close. For the open ring, it is not
easy to close, since the self-intersection may happen, also some open ring
do contact with some close ring.

>Yeah, this explanation might be still too short for your needs. I'll
>recheck this weekend if I happen to have a better example or create a
>bit more thorough explanation...

I do have other projects which may use this in the future, when you have
time, please give a detail example or explanation.


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