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Subject: Re: [geometry] extensions
From: Krzysztof Czainski (1czajnik_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-02-07 11:51:56

Hello again,

I present a few notes with patches after some further experience with

First of all, I think I read in boost guidelines, that it is discouraged
that a class and namespace enclosing it have the same name. And in such
cases, the convention is for the namespace to be named in plural. So I
suggest to rename the namespace boost::geometry::projection to projections.
I did not prepare a patch for that ;-)

Secondly, I wanted to remove the dependency on boost/lexical_cast.hpp. I
noticed that BOOST_GEOMETRY_NO_LEXICAL_CAST is already used in some parts
of Boost.Geometry, so I just added the use of this to other places,
and no_lexical_cast.patch contains the changes.

Next, I work with a Texas Instruments compiler, which has this defect, that
static local variables of inline functions are not resolved to a single
instance, and it warns about it. So I made two minor changes:
static_inline.patch. I think they wouldn't hurt in any case, but I could be
wrong here.

And lastly, I encountered a macro problem - another defect of my compiler -
it has a #define cosl cos, so there are problems with local variables named
cosl. cosl.patch.

2012/1/18 Barend Gehrels <barend_at_[hidden]>

> Something like:
>> template < class Proj,class Par >
>> detail::base_v_fi<Proj,...,**Par>* make_new_projection( Par const& par );
>> It should be fairly easy to implement such a function, and I am willing
>> to do it, if you guys think it's a good idea ;-)
> Yes, this sounds as a good idea! I will look into more detail to this
> (hope doing it soon - more and more things come on the list last days)

I have also prepared functions new_procjection(par) and
make_shared_projection(par), but due to lack of time right now, I'll
present them within a few days.


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