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Subject: [geometry] Suggestion for doc: intersects vs. overlaps
From: Volker Schöch (vschoech_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-02-08 07:42:07

I found the subtle difference between intersects and overlaps in the mail archives:


> The OGC definition for "overlaps" is that there should be an overlap in the interior. While "intersects" is the inverse of disjoint, so anything which touches or overlaps.


It would certainly be helpful to have this difference highlighted in the documentation. A sentence like "for all geometries that do not have an extent, such as points and lines, overlaps returns false" (if that is true, I don't know) would be icing on the cake. Currently (1.48.0) there is no hint as to what the difference is between the two algorithms, and there is not even a cross-link between the two man pages, which I hereby suggest, too.


Just had to get this off my chest, no reply required.



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