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Subject: Re: [geometry] intersection_inserter.hpp
From: Manoj Lnu (MLnu_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-06-21 22:12:33

> Why is this important?

I am trying to compile (in general , what is the boost version used for these examples?)
( vs2010, BOOST 1.49)
It could not find:
#include <boost/geometry/geometries/cartesian2d.hpp<>>
// Optional includes to handle c-arrays as points, std::vectors as linestrings
#include <boost/geometry/geometries/adapted/c_array_cartesian.hpp<>>
#include <boost/geometry/geometries/adapted/std_as_linestring.hpp<>>
I got a work around so the above (include)problem is solved.

But it doesn't know:

A local search shows that intersection_inserter
exists only in doc directories.

C:\Program Files\boost_1_49_0>search -name *.hpp intersection_inserter
//nothing found

C:\Program Files\boost_1_49_0>search intersection_inserter
libs/geometry/doc/reference/algorithms/difference_inserter.qbk: * [link geometry
.reference.algorithms.intersection.intersection_inserter_3 intersection_inserter
libs/geometry/doc/doxy/doxygen_input/sourcecode/doxygen_1.cpp: boost::geomet
ry::intersection_inserter<boost::geometry::linestring<P> >(cb, line, std::back_i
libs/geometry/doc/doxy/doxygen_input/sourcecode/doxygen_1.cpp: boost::geomet
ry::intersection_inserter<std::vector<P> >(cb, vector_in, std::back_inserter(ve
libs/geometry/doc/doxy/doxygen_input/sourcecode/doxygen_1.cpp: boost::geomet
ry::intersection_inserter<boost::geometry::polygon<P> >(cb, poly, std::back_inse
libs/geometry/doc/doxy/doxygen_input/sourcecode/doxygen_4.cpp: boost::ge
ometry::intersection_inserter<line_type>(clip, roads[i].get<0>(), std::back_inse
libs/geometry/doc/doxy/doxygen_input/sourcecode/doxygen_4.cpp: boost
::geometry::intersection_inserter<poly_type>(clip, mp[j], std::back_inserter(int


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Subject: Re: [geometry] intersection_inserter.hpp


On 21-6-2012 19:47, Manoj Lnu wrote:

Q1.What is the first release to have intersection_inserter.hpp?

By reading a ChangeSet can I figure out the release when those changes appeared?

Example: I searched "intersection_inserter" and found:
where is says:
algorithms/intersection_inserter.hpp was added.

Don't know this by head - have to figure it out (about the same way as you would do it - so that must be in changeset 67473 indeed). The headerfile is newer than the source itself, there always was an intersection_inserter algorithm from one of the first previews.

Why is this important?

Regards, Barend

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