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Subject: [geometry] Dectecting if two linestrings cut each other
From: undu (jasminformont_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-07-12 10:57:43


I'm currently looking for a way to know if two linestrings "really cross"
each other (they can have common points or segments without really crossing)
and if they do, where. My linestrings are 2D building outlines.
As I understand, there is no simple way (an implemented algorithm) to do
this using BGL ?
So I'm trying to develop an algorithm doing this, but it gets really messy
when dealing with closed linestrings intersecting on closing vertex, and
more generally with intersection on common vertices. I also have problems
when the intersection is a segment (or a linestring itself).

I browsed the web looking for such an algorithm, but it seems I'm the only
guy around trying to do this (which surprises me a lot).

Does someone know any ressources that could help me achieving this ?

Many thanks

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